the six week intensive with leadership coach Anita Sig for creators and entrepreneurs done with playing nice and ready to own the motherfucking thing they were born to be 

Rebels and rule breakers, warriors and money makers, heroes and go getters, visionaries and action takers...

I could say it’s an outrage that you, this wild soul and all around rebel and groundbreaker still hasn’t fully allowed yourself to be THE MOTHERFUCKING THING



Gaaaaasp!!! It’s horrendous


And here you are, knowing I’m right… slightly furious that you of all people, the one always leaping to the level beyond next level... 'cause the rules for the average obviously don't apply to you... that you, of all people, are tiptoeing around all that you are, shitscared of poking the fire within


With all the shamelessly juicy goodies locked in the someday box… the wild, the magic and mayhem, but only allowing an appropriate portion of power, passion and purpose


Still following the expected, still pretending you’re somewhat normal   ...*shudders


You can’t allow the too muchness… noooo… that would be totally out of control


You must hold on to some of the normalcy you’ve piled on top of your magic 



Let’s not get totally wild here



Let’s colour outside the lines, but in appropriate amounts… ‘cause you know... you’re a rebel and all and totally not like any fucking else… but still… you’re a professional… a respected leader with all your hats and roles, and you’ve got people looking up to you, right?? 


...and peers closely watching 


...and wannabes picking up your good shit, trying to create their own thinned out version of it




We convince ourselves of the stupidest things sometimes… us wild souls


Believing we need to tick some ordinary boxes when we're born to be THE MOTHERFUCKING THING of things



When we're born to be preachers, messengers, entertainers, creators, leaders, business artist and groundbreakers



When we're born to be at the forefront of everything… the IT of it all… game changers and groundbreakers


Born for greatness and having it all, being it all, living it all with the volume set on max


But then we regularly forget who the fuck we are and turn ourselves into mediocre fuckers like it’s a thing that’s totally acceptable


And start copying the rule book of born to be middle-aged fuckers completely miserable and bored to death of a vanilla existence


The respectable job, the business success, the house and 2,5 kids might look awesome and amazing to regular folks… BUT YOU’RE NOT A REGULAR ARE YOU??


You weren’t born for a polished, cardigan wearing, weekly sex on Wednesdays at 10pm world, were you?






Choosing a filtered, polished and dead boring version of you to fit a crowd that isn’t yours, for the likes of people that don’t light a fire in your soul, for a life way less than you desire, for a business that isn’t FUCK YEAH all the fucking way, for creations nice and fine but not fucking spectacular





Geeezzz...it’s preposterous


But here you are intelligent and all, this magical creature, unique in every way but noooo…. You choose to dilute your magic


You choose to curb everything that’s interesting, fascinating and groundbreaking about you to fit some criteria of what success should look like


You choose denying your crazy


Why the fuck do you even allow this? Like normal was ever your thing? A fucking vanilla?


Knowing you have greatness inside… the IT of it all… knowing there’s so much more inside of you 


Like a dark secret you only tell among friends


Yet it’s the thing you love about yourself… the thing you know you came here to be... the thing you're proud of... the thing making your heart beat faster but you never fully allow


And despite everything you’ve accomplished, when it comes to purpose...you’re on the breaks



You start forgetting who the fuck you are… getting all emotional and dramatic like you're not a wild, magical badass


And in the process kill your ability to create and manifest your deepest cravings in life… you get all proper like your wild is suddenly inappropriate


Fuck that shit… I bet your sex life sucks in the process


Hide your wild and you kill your passion, sorry not sorry, been there done that


And you place a big fucking ice cap on your purpose


Like you’re completely fine with giving a life that could be fuck yeah all day every day… giving the life you desire the middle finger ‘cause you love the more bland and boring version so fucking hard


When you’re not… you’re not fine with it… you’re furious… when you’re this hot as fuck creature capable of setting the world on fire by simply showing up



And you don’t understand why the fuck...


Why? When you can choose shenanigans… and dancing… and the unexpected… when you can choose the life you crave… when you can choose being all that you are… when you can choose purpose and greatness


When you’ve shown yourself again and again you can do whatever you set your mind to


You excel in everything


You go the extra mile… you do the work… you’re an overachiever by nature


You’re a firestarter and a fucking bomb


You have made it… you have built some solid good shit


But no… you’re not allowing yourself to be THE MOTHERFUCKING THING


And it’s messing with everything


And you know nothing


‘Cause knowing how to do good shit is nothing like BEING the good shit



Until you allow yourself to be the MOTHERFUCKING THING..


Until you allow everything inside yourself..


Until you allow the magic and the mayhem..


Until you allow what you came here for..


You’re not living what you came here for


And your life will be a constant search for that something that will make everything click


And in your heart you know... that unless you get your good shit going..


..you’ll be working on creating the perfect thing that’ll be a smashing hit only to box yourself in the shoulds of your business like everyone else and never be the damned THING


..you’ll be polishing yourself to become the THING of what you crave… polishing your edges and becoming some best version of you that’s definitely not your best version but some made up perfect image of a person you believe you should aspire to be⠀⠀


And then perhaps your perfect client will like and love you, the perfect team, perfect fans, perfect tribe or the perfect lover… but they’ll not be your perfect…. except perfect for what you believe you should want



The wild, the magic and the mayhem… until you allow the THING you are but fear you’re not, no perfect anything shows up



The rule book doesn’t apply ‘cause you know… you just know that by being the MOTHERFUCKING THING… the world responds



When you’re done with choosing what you think you should be...


When you’re done with playing a game that’s not that interesting...


When you’re done with not getting, having and rolling around in everything your fire is calling for...



... own what you were born to be

I’m the firestarter, the rebel and rule breaker, the activator of power, passion and purpose, and the wild soul pushing you to be what you came here to be, TO BE THE MOTHERFUCKING THING, for wild lives, for living it all, for purpose


Power, passion, purpose and wild leadership is my thing, my purpose, my MOTHERFUCKING THING. A fellow wild one like you, born with a mission, a purpose so strong it's the fire in my veins. An expert in leadership coaching psychology, management, business and leadership theories, I live and breathe smacking rebels and rule breakers up to own what they were born to be




The thing I’ve always done and will always do in whatever shape or form


To let the wild out… to live the magic


To be the fucking messenger of power, passion and purpose


To be the frequency and revel in the sorcery of it all


Always the leader… always shaking shit up… always the rule breaker… learning by trial and many errors… but who’s counting... LOL


Like you, I have that max power extra running through my system 


The drive that wants the extra… to go further… to accomplish


The desire for deeper, harder, wider... just more of everything


The limitlessness


To see what we’re capable of creating, feeling and experiencing


Yet wondering if I’m completely fucking crazy... while hoping that I still am... 'cause normalcy you know, is the death of all things

And yes you are… crazy that is, in the best possible way... completely fucking mad, like every fellow badass


That's our gold babe... our freakin' gold


WILDER... the six week 'what the fuck just happened' private coaching experience of no fucking fixing or best selves but owning that OWNING YOU, completely crazy and wild, IS THE PERFECT MATCH TO YOUR BIG VISION AND ALL THE GOOD SHIT

It’s what bold and unique entrepreneurs, messengers and artists, far from being herd members but destined to be leaders of leaders do when fed up and done with showing up a couple of sizes too small for what they were born to be


Even if...

  • Even if, and especially if you have buried your purpose in all kinds of everything you gotta, oughta, should sort out before you can be who you are and do what you came here to do

  • Even if, and especially if you feel drained and uninspired like your purpose has left you to shrivel up and become a prune... out of juice and all the hot as fuckness and you're just not ready to pick your ass up and remember you're a badass

  • Even if, and especially if you're full on maso right now, whipping your back hard, wondering why you of all people are stuck in this shitsoup of playing much smaller than you want instead of being the MOTHERFUCKING THING, hoping and praying nobody figures out you're not so hot but full of BS

'Cause in six weeks, that'll be a distant memory and you will again be hot as fuck, but hotter

WILDER is exactly what you want to stare down your doubts and OWN what you were born to be

It's exactly what you want  to OWN IT and be out of this world hot AF despite all the stories you've allowed to handcuff yourself over the years.


Despite all the excuses used to hold back instead of owning your pedestal.


Despite all the shit you've told yourself you need to become before you can be.


an everything is perfect, on point and purpose


'Cause everything is already inside of you ready for you to own it all

You don't need to dig up every shitty thing said to you since birth and fire up all the drama ever happened that could possibly be the reason you're fucking yourself over. You're way past this shit. 

You don't even need to waste your time with meaningless exercises, rituals, visualizations, smart goals or listening to pointless stories upon stories that don't do shit for you.

And you can be damn sure I'll never tell you to walk someone else's path... 'CAUSE YOU WERE MADE FOR CREATING YOUR OWN


Screw you to all the shit you've tolerated, accepted and allowed that has muffled you, handcuffed and turned your volume down in every possible way


... 'cause in full truth, it doesn't matter anymore. Point zero is when you DECIDE!!

You will burn your restraints and OWN THE GRANDNESS AND MADNESS OF ALL THAT YOU ARE, the wild mofo and leader of leaders, the big gun you've always been, lighting the neon sign and tugging the strings of all the good shit coming your way

You will say buh bye to all the things that are too uninteresting, inhibiting, limiting and lame for all that you are and laugh at all the times you allowed life to throw you off course like you're not a NATURAL BORN WINNER AND A MANIFESTING MACHINE but a regular average

You will connect beyond your subconscious bullshit to inner power and passion to get the fuck on purpose in every way… in how you show up, how you create your life and the genius within in a way that FLOWS LIKE THE BEST ADRENALINE RUSH

You will allow all of you and I mean every little kinky detail, the wild, the weird and the not so much best self according to the guru books and crack open the BEAUTIFUL BLUEPRINT OF YOU THAT'S A PERFECT MATCH for everything you’ve always felt was the bigger version of your life

You will drop all boxed ideas about what it means to be high vibe AF creator, leader, entrepreneur, winner and a nice and awesome mofo and realize that no success tactic or best self idea tops the power of you allowing all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to staying connected, tuned in and CREATING LIKE A MOFO IN THE QUANTUM… gaaaasp… madness I know


'cause you're next level epic

And I don't do slow. And I don't do weak. And I don't do anything that doesn't fucking work. 'Cause you deserve the best, fastest and most powerful methods available. Methods fit for powerhouses, badasses and rule breakers. We don't do step by steps. And we don't do goal setting like you have to work your way to being worthy of what you already are. We motherfucking decide and take leaps. Okay?



  • 90 min kickoff firestarter meeting to open the floodgates of you DECIDING you are the motherfucking thing

  • 30 min online smack up power meetings as we see fit to keep your game strong

  • Full access to Anita through audio/video and text messages as needed

  • Regular e-mails from Anita with intuitive hits just for you to shift you further and faster through your mental blocks, plus nuggets of gold and customized consciousness kickers for journaling to keep all your how to and next steps pouring from soul

  • Remote energy work to smack you up and into power, passion and purpose 

  • Handpicked Power DNA Activations to shift you beyond bullshit to show up from soul and who you've always been but never fully allowed

  • Vision and purpose extractor... an out of this world energy protocol to access deeper levels of soul and purpose to use whenever you mistakenly think you don't know

  • My own process for manifesting my next level and epic opportunities that could never be planned as a foundation for you to build your own

  • Handpicked audio trainings and pdf's at least weekly that are perfect and on point for you 

You see... the traditional coaching model of excavating your next goal, planning how you're gonna get there and than making you accountable for getting your ass in the game is not how I do things. If you're hell bent on the slo mo taking the damned steps then I wonder why the fuck you're still here.


When you say yes to purpose. When you say yes to being the MOTHERFUCKING THING, the bigger of big and grander of grand... you start bending time. You create the future in the now and take leaps.



WILDER is to the point transformation shot straight into your dna. No stories, no deep dives, no fluff, no bullshit. It's pure fucking fire.


You cannot waste another day even a little bit less of everything you already are. You.just.can't.