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I could tell you heart wrenching, tear jerking stories of having it all, losing it all, divorce, bankruptcy, meltdowns, breakdowns, heartache and dark nights of the soul on the journey to my brilliance of activating leaders to leading from TRUTH. But I won‘t. Because both of us are too powerful for this emotional manipulation and drama.


Hi, I'm Anita

...a fire starting warrior, a multidimensional Master Leader Activator, Master Power Activator and a rebel initiator

The TRUTH of the matter is; the length and hardship of our journey is a choice.  Of course we learn from everything we've dealt with. That doesn't mean it was needed. I chose the hard way. The long way. I could argue that my soul planned this so I would experience the whole spectrum of bullshit to become the leader of TRUTH leaders. True, but the same lesson more than once.... Nehhhhh. And my resistance... just as fiery as my power.

Wisdom can come in minutes by simply observing life. Wisdom can also emerge through years of fuckups. It‘s a choice. More often than not, not a conscious one, so if you‘re about to beat yourself up right now for not being in a zone of blizzful brilliance, living a life that feels like orgasmic fire... stop it and have a good laugh right now.



'Cause life is about play. And your G-spot of brilliance is where passion is fueling your fire to create experiences fulfilling your goblet of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wealth.

It‘s where you shift from from the confinements of your expertise to express your soul‘s mission. To create from the core of your being. Create new realities, new paradigms, new ways of being.



I took a leap from leadership coaching to Activating Truth Leaders and Legacies where I married my academic studies, experience, wisdom, superpowers and psychic powers to develop more effective ways of shifting you to your TRUTH and soul‘s mission. Methods including dissolving your bullshit shadowing your true power. Methods activating your power. Methods focused on cutting through illusions with alchemical fire, creating your epic shit from zero point energy to experience a quantum leap of personal growth and brilliance. To realize a quantum leap of how you live your life and do your work.



My superpower is cutting through bullshit, clouding the truth and brilliance of who you are. I'm not a coach. I‘m an initiator, an activator and a creator of new realities. I‘m here as an illusion dissolving fire, a way-shower for your brilliance and activator of your limitless power.

I‘m here to awaken your rebel and activate what you came here for. For you to mesh your power, passion and brilliance to OWN your TRUTH leadership and legacy. For you to experience your grandest soul level desires and create the amazingly juicy and expansive life you crave.

And yeah.. as you might have guessed. I swear a lot, give zero fucks and am a passionate visionary. Born and bred in Iceland where I live with my awesome kids (...and a fluffy dog). 



I know you are powerful AF and since you're still reading, there's probably rebellious brilliance inside wanting to come out and play to create some serious world shifting shit. 

I would love to get to know you and invite you to join my Facebook group, Rebels & Legacy Makers. It's a movement of seriously powerful people on fire to shake up E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.





Anita Sig

Anita Sig | The Leaderista
Leader Activator & Brilliance Initiator for Rebels Changing the World

B.s. Management & Leadership
M.Sc. Positive Psychology / Leadership Coaching



Positive and consulting psychology is a part of division 13 of The American Psychological Association (APA) and members of APA are expected to adhere to the Ethics Standards of APA. Membership however is voluntary and accreditation not required by law in the US. Clients are a part of the non-clinical population, thus less vulnerable than those seeking clinical counseling are.

Our relationship is of a client/psychologist nature.  The difference is that my clients are non-clinical, that is, psychologically fit and healthy individuals seeking to improve their lives with established, practical, no-nonsense methods.

My methods are evidence based, derived from quantum theories, humanist and existential psychology theories in addition to depth- and energy psychology as well as leadership theories, mixed with a healthy doze of spirituality. I'm not religious but a spiritual intuitive so you will encounter a lot of talk about light, source, universe and the divine.

If your culture or religion restricts you in any way then we're not a good match.

I am not qualified to diagnose or suggest treatment of any psychological or physical conditions. My specialty is positive psychology set on helping psychologically healthy individuals to reach their fullest potential, happiness and fulfillment in life.

I subscribe to and respect American Psychological Association’s code of ethics that communicate general principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence, fidelity and responsibility, integrity, justice and respect for people’s rights and dignity. I also strive to uphold principles for the online provision of mental health services as suggested by International Society for Mental Health Online.  I also support the rigorous standards for positive psychology being created by the International Positive Psychology Association to protect the welfare of all seeking guidance in the world today.


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