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I’m a fire starting rebel, a multidimensional Warrior Creatrix & Leadership Mentor. I don’t set trivial goals, design boring as hell action steps or get stuck on changing your mindset. My superpower is activating change makers and Divine Leaders like you, in blasting through limitations and embodying your higher self so you can shine in your brilliance, create the amazingly juicy and excitement prickling life you are meant for and claim your role as a creator and a Divine Leader in our new paradigm.

I'm not a coach. I‘m an initiator, activator and co-creator. I‘m here as a teacher and keyholder for you to clear the way for your brilliance. To activate your power to create your desires in a way that sets your heart on fire. So you can truly become the Master Creator in your life.



I live, breathe and dream inner power and Divine Leading... not freaking kidding. This is my Divine Blueprint. My purpose. I was born to do this and have been activated and initiated as a Master Leader Activator.

All my life, I‘ve been preparing for this role. I‘ve learned through contrast, just as you. I have felt powerless, unsupported and unloved. I know what it feels like to break down and stand up stronger. I‘ve faced my biggest fears and moved mountains with the equivalent of a teaspoon. I‘m a trailblazer, an entrepreneur from the age of 27, having founded and managed several businesses. And every lesson was a vital piece for preparing me for this role.



My method of Activating Your Divine Leader© is a unique creation. Born from evidence based positive psychology, practical leadership development, my mystic powers, spirituality, cosmic connections and my unique method of Power Blueprint Activation©.

As a psychic mystic, I know, see, feel and hear beyond this dimension, supporting you in burning through your self imposed limitations faster than you thought possible.

With deep healing, power activations, growth, co-creation and massive action taking, you will step into your power and your unique purpose so you can shine in your brilliance, creating dreams in your own life and others. Because changing the world begins with you owning your superpowers and shining like the diamond you are.



I've gone from attracting people feeding off my energy, love and strength to being surrounded by supporting and amazing friends, business partners, clients and peers.

I've gone from feeling I'm too much, too different and not fitting in to loving myself, shadows and all, and shining in all my warrior power and Goddessy glory, doing exactly what I love.

I've gone from being overworked, taking care of everything and everyone to creating a breakthrough modality for Activating Divine Leadership and a business that inspires me every day.

I am in my power, shining in my brilliance and that's my intention for you.



Do you feel there's so much more inside you dying to come out, making you feel like caught in a container too tight for you? But you can‘t put your finger on it and everything in your life right now is starting to feel like self sabotage?

Then it's time for a massive breakthrough and a quantum shift. To blow up your life, claiming your brilliance and role as a Divine Leader in our Golden Age. That's my superpower making us a perfect match.

Now it's your turn. Because life and success is a co-creation. I would love to get to know you and invite you to join my private Facebook group, The Power Shifters. It's an awesome place for power expansion and growth and a perfect place for us to connect.





Anita Sig

Anita Sig | The Leaderista
Warrior Creatrix & Divine Leadership Mentor

B.s. Management & Leadership
M.Sc. Positive Psychology / Leadership Coaching


Master Power Activator & Divine Leader Activator
Wayshower For Creators Owning Their Brilliance


Positive and consulting psychology is a part of division 13 of The American Psychological Association (APA) and members of APA are expected to adhere to the Ethics Standards of APA. Membership however is voluntary and accreditation not required by law in the US. Clients are a part of the non-clinical population, thus less vulnerable than those seeking clinical counseling are.

Our relationship is of a client/psychologist nature.  The difference is that my clients are non-clinical, that is, psychologically fit and healthy individuals seeking to improve their lives with established, practical, no-nonsense methods.

My methods are evidence based, derived from quantum theories, humanist and existential psychology theories in addition to depth- and energy psychology as well as leadership theories, mixed with a healthy doze of spirituality. I'm not religious but a spiritual intuitive so you will encounter a lot of talk about light, source, universe and the divine.

If your culture or religion restricts you in any way then we're not a good match.

I am not qualified to diagnose or suggest treatment of any psychological or physical conditions. My specialty is positive psychology set on helping psychologically healthy individuals to reach their fullest potential, happiness and fulfillment in life.

I subscribe to and respect American Psychological Association’s code of ethics that communicate general principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence, fidelity and responsibility, integrity, justice and respect for people’s rights and dignity. I also strive to uphold principles for the online provision of mental health services as suggested by International Society for Mental Health Online.  I also support the rigorous standards for positive psychology being created by the International Positive Psychology Association to protect the welfare of all seeking guidance in the world today.


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