Jul 04, 2019

When you assume your power and go full throttle  in the world exactly as you are


...shameless, unapologetic in your greatness… not pretending to be more ordinary and vanilla than you are… not trying to be more like the great and successful… but allowing yourself to be, flow and create epic shit that’s uniquely yours


...the insecure will rise against you… you will push the buttons of those that cannot handle your freedom and power level… the insecure close to you will criticize and the insecure ones not knowing you will either talk behind your back or troll your social media


Why the fuck do you care? 


Let me tell you why... your level of personal power is in a reverse correlation with your need to react


The higher the power the less the need to fit in


The lower the power the greater the need to please eeeeveryone


When you stop reacting to insecure fuckers… when you stop fearing how you will be perceived in the fullness of your glory… then and only then your gateway to all the fuck yeahs start to open


Then and only then do you become capable of fulfilling your own wild desires


So ask yourself why do you care?


Why do you need to fit in when you were born to stand out?


Why do you want to be a speck in the herd of same, even if the herd is successful and seemingly has what you want?


You’re a wild one babe… you will never flourish unless being free to be and express your unique greatness


You came into this world to experience and explore the depths and heights of your power


Not to fit in


The greatest leaders in whatever field do not conform… they do not strive to fit in the herd of the hip and cool… their ultimate goal is not to be loved and liked… and yet they are… just as much as people love to have an opinion about eeeeverything they do


‘Cause the greatest leaders, thinkers, creators and change makers break the rules


They allow their consciousness, their power, their greatness to flow… unhindered by fear


Fear of other people's opinion


Fear of success or failure, or


Fear of living up to one's own expectation


‘Cause the only way to ecstasy and the fuck yeah of it all… the only way to spectacular results and all the wild shit you so desire is to explode open in free flowing power





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