Oct 19, 2018

I’m calling you to be whom you want to be

I’m calling you to arms and action
I’m calling you to step up and be whom you believe you are
You’re not whom you believe yourself to be
You are what you take action on
The difference is your illusion
An ideal of whom you want to believe you are
To feel better about yourself
Living in a lie
But you know….

And the frustration builds up inside
Eats away your sense of meaning
Chips away your sense of fulfillment
Ecstasy is superficial
Drops in and out… tantalizing 
You’re not whom you believe yourself to be
Unless your actions spell it out
What you do is always a result of whom you are
Actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than beliefs
Actions speak louder than any intention
Want your bigger than life relationship?
Want an ecstatic life?
Want a business emanating fulfillment?
Want world shifting impact?
YOU need to be different
YOU need to be more of what you haven’t allowed

That’s power… That’s greatness in action

I’m calling your desires
I’m calling your power
I’m calling your grit
To bring forth a change in being
For the difference in belief and action
For the difference in vision and reality
Is what you’re hiding from yourself
Is the action you’re not allowing

You are whom you take action on being… in any given moment

I’m calling you to POWER
I’m calling you to GREATNESS
I’m calling you to take action and BE your desire
I’m calling you to take action and BE your vision
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