Oct 12, 2018

People don’t tell you what to do

But they try… while you smile mischievously at their powerlessness

Blindly following some established rules of ‘how-to’

Not a single unique thought in their heads

Quivering at the thought you’re not playing

Thinking you’re mad for creating a whole new game

Believing no one will play and you will surely lose

Let’s work the formula they say

And if we work it better and faster we might win

We will at least be players

Playing the same game as the big players

And placed on pedestals for playing the game so well

We’ll be mentors and role models for how to play the game

Ohhh… the prestige, the love, the like

Yeah.. you do that

I’ll be doing my own epic shit thank you very much

And while you’re busy playing other people’s game

Busy without questioning if this is your most powerful game

I’m playing the game of GREATNESS

Where I create my own rules

Where I create my own playground

I play as I please


So what would you prefer?

Step into a game that has already been played to win something many have already won?

Or win at your own game?

You are a conqueror

You know the answer to that

You’ve been rebelling your whole life

But not like the powerless ‘I WILL DO AS I FUCKING WANT’ shouters, making bold claims against some imaginary control to not be put into a box 

All they are doing anyway is placing themselves in a very dysfunctional box of resisting POWER


No! You crave greatness

A playground more powerful and genius than any other

A playground fitting your unique greatness better than anything else

A playground feeling like ecstasy

A playground so powerful it is the ‘fuck you’ in itself

‘Cause greatness doesn’t follow any rules

Except your own particular brand of POWER

That's your game and greatest challenge of all

And the fire of all of your rebellion

Resist your power and your rebellion turns against you

Your power in action creates GREATNESS

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