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...activating badasses to what they were born to be, with even more power, passion and purpose

This is the part where you expect a hero story. Where I tell you how, by applying all the steps I've taken, you too can be a hero


This is the part where I compare and contrast how miserable and broke I was to how fabulous and rich I am now, adored by the masses and with a killer Insta of course showing off my se*y peach.


And I go on and on with happy pictures of my dream home by the ocean, the cars in my display gallery (‘cause a garage is so mediocre...), my philanthropic projects where I’m saving babies, the partner with the chiseled abs and me looking like Beyoncé… the pale blonde Viking version.


All because I was very good at following the steps. I learned the gamebook by heart, cover to cover, followed the map religiously and won all the prizes for being the best in playing by the rules. And so the Universe rewarded me with all the riches… but of course. That’s what you get when you become sooo good at following the rules.


Drying your eyes after the drama filled, heart squeezing read of my rags to riches hero story, you’re more than convinced that by checking all the boxes and following the roadmap laid out by me, you too will be rewarded by the Universe


You too will live in your dream home, adored by the masses as the most shared story on social media for saving the world with hearts and prayer hands… while enjoying your perky peach of course… that’s a given, hand in hand with your made in heaven, one and only soulmate… who is also saving the world and more awake than JP Sears, so there’s no competition. It’s all just one love.


No? What do you mean no?


Are you telling me you’re a fucking rule breaker? 


Phewww… thank fuck. Going forward could be too shocking for the perfect little worlds of the perfect little normals, trying to be more perfect than the other normals.


I don’t want you to follow my rules… I don’t even have rules for myself.  Well, that's not entirely true, I have two. But, I don’t want you to do anything but exactly what you want.


Gaaaaasp… no rules?!!!???


And society fell apart and all went to shit because we stopped trying to be our best selves, right? No, wrong.


It's because of people like you and I, granting ourselves freedom to be us, allowing our inner to compass to kick in, that the world is an interesting playground. And we turn into badass motherfuckers and conquerors by default, without the goals, the roles and the best selves.


We become all that we are… the power, the passion and the fucking purpose


And if there’s one thing I demand you believe right now, it’s when I say you are one juicy piece of a human being. The version you see right now is like looking at yourself through the eye of a needle. You know nothing… yet!


Your best self sucks… sorry not sorry


It’s an overly serious role of trying to be perfect by fleeting standards of what’s politically correct at the moment


It’s a derivative of distorted reasoning that if you do everything right, you will get what you want


That if you go for the three steps of becoming a saint… vibing the right way, thinking the right way and being such a good little person, you will be rewarded... like a child for behaving in the mall


That if you play the roles you take on better than others you will be liked, loved and heck… even admired


People will say good shit about you on the inhale and everyone wants to revel in your presence… ‘cause you’re such a nice person, always doing something for someone.


Is that what fires you up like a raging river of passion?


Is it the e in the ecstacy of living large?


The mad genius ingredient of groundbreaking creations?


Or the calm, filled to the brim flow of power within you?
Ermmm… no!


The best self road is a never ending attempt to reach some imaginary happy place where everything falls into place. Where you get the love, get the life and feel whole.


Us two. We're on an entirely different road. One where being the MOTHERFUCKING THING is the journey itself... be the thing and the rest follows... the Universe responds.


You are now, life is now and purpose is now... and you decide...


What will it be... the steps to become like everyone else, or own what you were born to be?


'Cause the raging river, the ecstacy, mad genius, groundbreaking creations and the power of leaders of leaders is already there


All the wild... all the gold.. the everything you were born to be  is waiting for you to step up


And you're so fucking ready!!!



I'm honoured to be in the presence of fellow wild soul



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Anita 'The Firestarter' Sig

Activator of Power, Passion & Purpose
Leadership Consultant & Greatness Catalyst for Wild Souls


B.S. Business / Management & Leadership

M.Sc. Leadership Coaching Psychology


... a firestarter

An Iceland based leadership consultant and greatness catalyst for wild souls, creators, business artists, entrepreneurs as passionate rebels and rule breakers

A natural born activator and sorceress for personal power, passion and purpose, Anita has been developing her special kind of magic for years on working with consciousness and energetic dna at core level to speed up personal growth and transformation.


With a B.S. degree in management and leadership, Anita has been an entrepreneur since the age of 27 when she left her last job.  12 years and two businesses later she added a Masters in Leadership Coaching Psychology and has since committed to her path of being a wild soul and a rebel with a calling.


With a book in the making; Your Best Self Sucks, Anita has for years written articles for major Icelandic publications. An inspirational speaker, Anita has also hosted offline and online seminars and group trainings and is the coach of entrepreneurs, artists, go getters and action takers.


Says: Sjitt og fokk (the English shit and fuck in a somewhat Iceland-ish manner)

Favorite: Wine

Hates: People taking themselves seriously

Loves: Food, fireworks and fiery people

Detests: Lying twats and lazy bastards

Best about self: Crazy mofo

Worst about self: Only a fucker would ask this; nothing obviously


Anita Sig

A Karen once told me to stop swearing and be more  professional, proper and nice


I swear I heard her yell 'fuck' when I sacrificed her


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