You have the success, the achievement and your expertise. And now... your soul is screaming for experiencing what you came here for.

You wonder if you‘re heading into an existential crisis. Feeling like everything is a different version of the same old shit without any real fulfillment. Red flags everywhere with your soul screaming for the fire of who you are. You crave everything life has to offer. And this intense knowing you came here to create epic experiences and world shifting greatness is shouting louder by the minute. You yearn for experiencing more meaning. More desire. More fire in your belly.

A feeling of been there, done that is haunting you and yet you’re a successful expert and a high level leader in your field. You have epic achievements under your belt but you’re still not satisfied. You know you were meant for limitless greatness. You know you came here to leave a legacy.


Wake up to your greatness. You came here to experience EVERYTHING on an epic scale. You came here for fulfillment of desires you hardly dare to admit. You came here for greatness beyond your comprehension. You came here for fulfillment that comes with the passionate fire of living your greatness.


Burn away everything clouding your brilliance, jamming your frequency and vastness of your consciousness


Activate your energetic DNA, true desires, limitless power, greatness, brilliance and unique soul mission


Create missions and experiences from brilliance, limitlessness and expansiveness birthing your world shifting legacy

Hi, I'm Anita

...a fire starting rebel, a multidimensional brilliance activator and a DNA architect with academic infusion from management, business, leadership coaching psychology and positive psychology.

My superpower is cutting through bullshit, clouding the brilliance and vastness of who you are and your true source of power. I'm not a coach. I‘m an activator and a creator of new realities. I‘m here as an illusion dissolving fire, an activator for your DNA, brilliance and limitless power.

I‘m here to connect you with greatness your mind hardly computes. For you to mesh your power, passion and brilliance to OWN your legacy. For you to experience your grandest soul level desires and create the amazingly juicy and expansive life you crave on all levels.


Make a massive shift and ignite your inner orgasmic fire

You crave a challenge fit for your power. You desire leaps in growth and to open the floodgates of genius and brilliance.  To ignite your passion once again for more meaning and world shifting impact. Brilliance beyond the expected. Creating your legacy.

You yearn for harmony in your soul. The fulfillment. The contentment. To let go and dive into desires and greatness beyond what your mind allows. To experience E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  you came here for. For an instant shift and ignite an orgasmic fire. To shift to your soul’s mission in all it‘s expansive glory.




I’m here to activate your limitless greatness. Activate to legacy creating brilliance. The vastness of you is waiting for you to open, activate and allow. That’s my soul’s mission. To activate firestarting REBELS to epic missions and matching lives. To activate your energetic DNA for instantly shifting your consciousness to free flowing greatness. Greatness born from the brilliance of you that creates next level organizations, societies and governments where FREEDOM, WEALTH AND PROSPERITY reigns.


This is your place for more passion, power and greatness on a world shifting scale.


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